Beth Rennie
Energy Healer
Paranormal investigator
Intuitive and Traditional Tarot 
House Clearings/Cleansings
Reiki Master and Instructor
 (Usui and Sacred Flames)
Karuna ® Reiki Master
Beth Rennie has been located in 
College Park,GA. Since 2010
 Woodstock,GA.and Roswell,GA.
Now serving the U.S. and internet
Awaken to the Potential in Your Life


Begin your transformation now with 
a consultation with Beth Rennie. 

*Please be aware that I do not diagnose disease nor claim to heal. I believe the body is a self-healing system that in most cases can heal itself if it is properly supported. Support also includes proper medical care from a trained Physician. I merely channel healing energy that supports the body so it can heal itself, and therefore does not interfere with any type of care prescribed by the traditional medical community. Readings for entertainment purposes only.
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​Beth Rennie
    Beth has received messages from Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirits since she was a small child and has been a student of Metaphysics for many years. She uses her abilities and knowledge to help facilitate transformation in your life. By connecting with your Guides, your Higher self and Divine she is able channel creative Divine and choose the Sacred Stones that will assist you in obtaining your highest good and work through current issues in your life. She gives you loving and gentle guidance to help you on your path. 

 *While working Paranormal investigations with Inner Light Paranormal  
and gathering evidence on location, she then helps families in distress to attain peace in their homes.

*Consultation may include a tarot card reading, Channeling, Oracle card reading or your choice. 

*You may also choose a piece of jewelry made with your Sacred Stones or a spirit bag to hold them. 

*Also available; necklace, earrings, dream bags and wire wrap stones.